About Discovery Festival

WHAT is the Discovery Festival?

Discovery Festival is a community initiative focused on acquainting local youth with the STEAM professions. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Many local youth have an aptitude in these fields but have not yet discovered their talents.

This event is a fun, creative way for local companies and organizations to introduce STEAM based careers and education paths to children across New Mexico. There will also be a focus on matching STEAM professionals with interested youth in a Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring relationship. The proceeds from this event will help fund the STEAM Mentoring program and will provide scholarships to youth who qualify.

Admission to this event is FREE to all children and their families, and events are currently being held in two locations in New Mexico:  Click here to learn more about attending a Discovery Festival near you.

WHY is the Discovery Festival so important to our youth?

In today’s world STEAM touches every aspect of our lives. Nearly 100% of today’s youth will gain future employment with at least a portion of their job focused on STEAM. In fact, most employees today could not function in their current position without some knowledge or expertise in either the technology or mathematics fields. STEAM is important to our youth because they are our future.


HOW can I participate?